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At WARM we want to help you own your music career. Knowing your airplay data is key to make the most out of the work you put into creating new music.

Get solid proof of your radio airplay so as to easily collect your royalties, discover where your fans are, and new emerging markets.

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Any promotion and touring plans? Base your decision-making process on truthful data. Discover when and where your music is being played in real-time at the market’s most competitive price.

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“We knew our music was played on a few local radio stations, but still, we had to prove it. That’s when WARM was the most useful tool we ever had!! Not only did we have a document showing each and every radio airplay we ever got with our song, but we actually found out that we were played in several countries and on more radio stations than expected! Thanks to WARM, we had the undeniable proof that our music was listened to and that we were worth being considered for such a prestigious visa.”

Fanny Hulard

Artist at Yard Of Blondes

“The radio monitoring from WARM has helped me with radio reports through its pdf functionality, I have been compiling reports since using WARM in 2018 and a few weeks ago I have emailed them to my Performance Rights Organization for tracking royalties from radio stations that have been playing my songs, all of them are in European countries. I have also used the same reports to approach booking agencies in regions where I am on radio, so far I have not gone touring but I am keeping my fingers crossed.”


Hip-hop Artist

“WARM allows Ten Katestraat to monitor the lifecycle of a single release and track its market reach on the global radio market - just like a proper record label. The real-time data is impressive, fun, and - yes - a bit addictive!”

Ten Katestraat

Singer & Songwriter