Danish radio stations support artists by playing more local music in response to Covid19

Published 2020/03/25

Danish National Radio - and a number of other radio stations - are strongly pushing Danish-produced music in the coming time. In dialogue with the Ministry of Culture, Danish radio stations now agreed to support local artists and rightsholders, by playing more local music (instead of big international hits).

Denmark - like much of the world - has been partly shut down in recent weeks due to coronavirus. And yesterday, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, stated at a press conference that this is how it will remain until mid-April. At least. This situation has a huge impact on various industries - including the music industry, where concerts and festivals have been recently cancelled.

From 49% to 80% local repertoire

On Monday Danish Minister of Culture, Joy Mogensen, met on Skype with representatives of Danish radio stations to discuss the current situation. Starting on Wednesday, March 25th and for two weeks, Danish National Radio will increase its share of Danish music on their channels to 80 percent - against 49 percent today. A number of commercial radio channels agreed to follow that example. The solution will hopefully boost the economy for songwriters and musicians by generating more royalties and neighbouring rights from their airplays. The PROs and collection societies will receive payments from radio stations every time a song is played by them, and they will subsequently, forward the revenue to the rights holders.

It will be interesting to see if this trend will spread across other countries affected by Covid19. And hopefully, these actions will have a positive impact on the revenue income for artists, even low to-mid layer artists that normally don't have a high airplay rate.

However, not everyone is fond of this turn of events and some media notice that we must receive and spread information across borders as much as possible. The music on our radio is also a way to remind us of the many other communities we are also part of. It connects us to those in other countries from which we are now physically and geographically cut off.

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