Kelvyn Colt Shows German Hip Hop’s International Potential

The German rapper Kelvyn Colt has been killing it with radio spins in France, Russia, Mexico, and the US, and he doesn't look like he's slowing down. We take a look at his best performing track ‘Bury Me Alive’ and how it spread to radio stations throughout the world.

Kelvyn Colt is an up and coming rapper from Wiesbaden, Germany.

In 2017 he released his debut EP LH914 and since then Colt, who raps in English, has shown that he has appeal far outside of his home territory. ‘Bury Me Alive’, a track from the EP, is his best-performing radio track to date and its journey through the radio landscape has been an interesting one.

While it came out a little over a year ago, the track, which was released independently, is still doing very well worldwide and is an example of how opening up one country's radio market can lead to others following, even in territories that a quite far apart. It also shows how huge amounts of airplay can appear out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they came.

‘Bury Me Alive’ was released on November 10, 2017, and it immediately started getting plenty of airplay on radio stations in Germany and Switzerland in cities like Zurich, Cologne, and Hamburg.

About a month after its release, on December 8th, it was suddenly picked up by the stations NRJ Nouveautes XXL and NRJ Nouveautes de la Semaine in Paris, France who both started playing it several times each day. This continued all through December and at some points, they were blasting it up to 15 times a day (!)

Interestingly, these two Paris-stations were playing it way more than anyone else during this early period. Even the German stations who had initially supported it were only playing it sporadically.

Then in January 2018, the two French stations suddenly stopped playing it, but at this point 'Bury Me Alive' was starting to spread to other markets including places like Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Poland. In February, it broke into North America with the student station KSDT in San Diego being the first to pick it up. Later that day, 'Bury Me Alive' got airplay in Zapotlán el Grande in Mexico and it continued getting spins in the US over the spring and summer, especially after Los Angeles-station 1 AM Radio started showing it some serious love.

Interestingly, in late 2018 it suddenly started getting lots of airplay on Radio Sport in Moscow who since then have been playing it several times each week and today is one of the most supportive stations of the track.

It will be very interesting to follow 'Bury Me Alive's and Kelvyn Colt's continued airplay evolution, especially as he has a number of other tracks that are also doing their thing on radio stations throughout the world.Photo credits: Airplane Mode

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