Nilüfer Yanya's Indie Pop is Embraced by Radio on 4 Continents!

Nilufur Yanya is an upcoming London-based singer whose debut album 'Miss Universe' will be dropping next month. Her latest single ‘In Your Head’ is doing extremely well on radio stations worldwide and we look at it’s airplay journey since being released a month ago.

Yanya releases music on the American label ATO Records, one of the more interesting independent labels out there at the moment, and her unique style of soulful indie-pop seems to be connecting with lots of different people around the world. Since 'In Your Head's release just a month ago, on January 22, it’s has gotten well over 2000 spins on radio stations on an impressive 4 different continents.

The region where it is currently most popular is the GSA region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) where German radio especially is going crazy for it. In just one month, it has gotten spins in 27 German cities including large cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich, and Hamburg. This includes airplay on national and large commercial radio stations like Deutschlandfunk Nova in Cologne and NDR Blue in Hamburg as well as local radio and university stations.

'In Your Head' is also doing very well in North America, especially in the US, but also in Mexico. In the US alone, it has gotten airplay on over 100 different radio stations, but, interestingly, a lot of them have been by smaller local stations as well as university stations. These include student stations like Miami's long-running WVUM and RSU Radio in Oklahoma but more prominent stations like KCRW in Los Angeles have also played it. In Mexico, it has airplay on over 20 different stations in cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara.

In the UK, Yanya's home market, the track has gotten a number of spins on national stations like BBC 1 and BBC Radio 6 but here as well, much of the airplay has been driven by student radio stations like Bristol University's Burst Radio and Southhampton's Surge Radio. It has also gotten spins on the brand new female-led

Other places that will be interesting to watch is Australia where, among other places, it's getting spins on Sydney's important Triple J 105.7 FM and in Eastern Europe where it's doing quite well in countries like Estonia and the Czech Republic.

This track is indeed heating up and it will be very interesting to see what happens after Nilüfer Yanya drops her debut album in a month's time on March 22nd. Will it mean airplay in even more countries and will her music get picked up by bigger stations? We will be watching closely.

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