Wild Culture is gathering momentum on international radio

The Austrian duo Wild Culture is currently doing very well on international radio. We look closer at how their latest track 'Together Alone' is gaining momentum and spreading to radio stations worldwide.

The upcoming EDM duo Wild Culture is starting to heat up the airwaves!

Over the past few months, the Austrian duo’s track ‘Together Alone’ has gotten a good amount of radio airplay across Europe, Asia, and North America. The song’s performance is a good example of a track gaining momentum by getting spins in some surprising places and being supported by smaller radio stations and markets.

The catchy EDM-flavoured pop track, which features vocalist Loren Nine, was released in early November 2018 and quickly started getting airplay on radio stations in several different countries. Interestingly, the first station that started playing it was XHVB-FM Extremo, a station in Villahermosa, Mexico about a week after its release.

After that, it started getting spins on various stations in their home country of Austria as well as in neighboring Germany where it has gotten airplay in an impressive 18 cities with huge spikes in airplay around Christmas and New Year.

In December it spread to Asia where it received spins on a local station in Busan, South Korea and around Christmas it was picked up by the small US station Big Bang Radio WNIA in Rocky Mount, North Carolina where it has been in heavy rotation ever since.

It’s also taking off in Southern Europe with lots of spins in Italy, but, interestingly, the place it has gotten most spins of all outside of its home territory is on Radio Patata on the small island of Malta.

In the first weeks of 2019, it’ starting to get airplay in Slovenia and Bulgaria as well as still getting lots of spins in Wild Culture's home territory.

It will be interesting to see how far 'Together Alone' will go and if it will continue to spread to more countries around the world. A couple of years ago, Wild Culture had a great performing radio track with ‘Sugar’, a track that's still getting quite a bit of airplay across the world today. It will be fun to see if they can repeat or maybe even top this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY9QpfU76KQ

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