Heating Up! Zookeepers Discover a Surprise Radio Hit in Italy

Zookeepers are an upcoming DJ and production duo from Denmark consisting of William de Waal and Søren Oliver Due. The duo's music, which mixes hard-hitting EDM and trap with pop melodies, has been getting lots traction over the past few years and besides playing major festival stages around the world, they have also gotten co-signs from electronic music stars like Diplo, NGHTMR, and Tiesto. To the surprise of both Zookeepers and their team, however, over the past year, their 2018 single ‘Drunk on You’ has also been blowing up all over Italian radio. In fact, since it's release roughly a year ago, radio stations in 19 Italian cities have had it in regular rotation, making Italy the most supportive radio market for the track by far. Interestingly, this happened without the Zookeepers' management team or record label doing any kind of targeted radio promotion in Italy. In fact, it was only after using WARM's radio tracking that they discovered that Italian radio had been going crazy for 'Drunk on You'.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69qoQcqJ0joThe track first started getting significant traction in Italy in June of 2018, a few months after its release. One of the first stations to pick it up was Wideline Radio in the Northeastern town of Pordenone. With over 200 spins so far, Wideline is the radio station in the world to play it the most. The breezy, melodic track also started getting spins in smaller areas like Cassino, Susa, and Ispica, as well as in Garbagnette Milanese, a commune of Milan, on Radio Panda which has since become another of the track's big supporters.University radio has also supported the track. Run Radio, a university station in Napoli, started playing it in July and stations in Pedara (Sicily), Crotone (Calabria) and Cagliari (Sardinia) are other examples of the very diverse regions in Italy to play 'Drunk on You' extensively.

All of this was quite surprising to Zookeepers' management: 'We were completely unaware thatthe song was getting airplay in Italy. We didn't do anything to promote it there so it came as a total surprise to us' says Stefan Facius from the group's management company Heartbeat Management. Though several Italian stations still have 'Drunk on You' in rotation, many of the stations that were most supportive of the track kept it in heavy rotation throughout the summer and then slowly started playing it less as fall came around in September-November. With summer approaching, it will be interesting to see if Italian radio will start spinning the track more again or if they start supporting other Zookeepers tracks. One thing that's certain is that Zookeepers and their management team will be paying attention this time around. According to Stefan Facius: ‘The label currently doesn’t promote the band outside of Denmark, but now we have arguments to keep pushing for bigger label commitment with results from the 19 radio stations playing their singles.’Like other cases we've seen, this is a great example of how new and unknown audiences can suddenly be discovered in surprising places once you start diving into the data.

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