How to use DATA to improve your music career

Here are 11 easy ways for you to improve your music career by using the data available to you through streaming services, radio tracking services, and social media. You can make a living off your music if you learn to look in the right direction and follow certain opportunities. 

1) Preferred formats for music consumption and discovering new music is very different from country to country.

Make sure to check out different streaming services, radio formats, and different social media- even if you don't use them yourself. They may contain valuable information and keys to new organic growth markets for your music.

2) Is one of your songs trending?

Work hard to leverage the situation and intensify your promotion on this song. Monitor your stats regularly and make a fast move if you see something is happening.

3) Use Facebook and Instagram targets.

In which cities and countries are your fans located? Target your fans and their friends by aiming campaigns right at them. Build on something that is already emerging.

4) Be a copycat.

See where other music in your sub-genre is played (playlists, radio stations/programmes, mixtapes etc.), and pitch your music to them when you got a new release, as they might very well recognize you.

5) Look out.

Look for genre-specific radio stations and communities and get in touch with them, less can be great.

6) Use your data in different places.

Your streaming numbers and streaming data can be used for convincing radio stations to play your music, and vice versa.

7) Use a radio monitoring service (e.g. WARM) and look at your streaming insights. 

Use the radio-insights for optimizing tour booking. You might be able to get gigs based on your radio spins.

8) Connect. 

Try and connect with the people at the radio stations, the DJ’s, hosts, curators etc.

9) Tell the world about your radio plays and share on social media.

It supports the radio station at the same time - radio DJ's loves that.

10) Tell your team.

Tell your team, when something is emerging, it's important to move fast, today 7000 new songs are released daily, so the competition is very high. Remember to tell everyone from your PR agent, label, publisher, and radio promoter when you see radio plays, especially in new markets. Exploit all the data you can collect.

11) Get out there! 

If you detect airplay on multiple radio stations in a country, who should consider reaching out about a radio tour. Flight tickets are cheap, Airbnb is here, and the connection with the radio stations would be priceless so it could very well be worth the money.