Is Danish Singer Ea Kaya About to Break on International Radio?

We look at how the upcoming Danish pop singer’s recently released singles are performing on the radio and if she could be heading for an international breakthrough.

The upcoming Danish pop singer Ea Kaya is experiencing quite a bit of buzz at the moment. Many people think she has the potential to make an impact on the international stage and looking at the performance of some of her tracks on the radio lately, this seems more and more likely.

Ea Kaya started off 2019 in aggressive style. She released her debut EP Fragile But Strong As Hell a week ago on the Danish label No3 which was preceded by the two singles ’ 4 AM’ and ‘Talking’. We take a look at how these two tracks are performing so far.

The ballad ‘4 AM’, released on January 4, is doing best of the two tracks so far. It has roughly 350 spins across 5 different countries. It has gotten lots of support from local Danish radio stations as well as early support from stations in neighboring Germany.

The important London radio station Amazing Radio, which has also been playing other Ea Kaya-tracks lately, have been supporting '4 AM' quite a bit and, on average, they are currently spinning it a couple of times a day. It will be interesting to see what this could mean in terms of breaking into the UK market.The track is also getting lots of support from student radio in Bergen, Norway as well as sporadic plays in Italy.

The more upbeat and clubby track ‘Talking’ which was released a week after '4 AM' on January 11, has far fewer spins and less support from Danish radio but has gotten support from a wider variety of international stations. For example, it was picked up early by the Mexican station XHPAZ-FM in La Paz which has been one its strongest supporters since its release.

It will be interesting to see how the two songs perform compared to Ea Kaya’s last single ‘Don’t Complicate It’ which has done very well with airplay in 18 countries across 5 continents. Although the track was released back in early 2017, it has gotten lots of international radio support since late 2018.

For example, it got huge support from important Australian radio stations like Sydney’s The Edge 96.1 FM and Melbourne’s Joy 94.4 and this led to more airplay on stations in Berri and on the Gold Coast.

At the end of 2018 it broke into the US radio market with airplay in New York, New Jersey, and Seattle and in 2019 it has been picked up by South Korean radio in Busan. It is also gaining momentum in several cities in Chile.

It will be interesting to see how all of these tracks perform as the new EP gains more traction. But with several tracks doing well on international radio it looks like Ea Kaya is heading for a big 2019.

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