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Are you about to release new music? There are several ways to get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other online streaming platforms. And here's where our friends at JetStream will help you!

The service is created by musicians for musicians, a Canadian-based song distribution company that delivers music to more than 100 streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more. The music business has been about profit first and artist last for long enough; at JetStream the artist comes first always. But JetStream is not only about music distribution, they want to see you succeed in all aspects of your music career! With Jetstream you cover it all; they have partners all over the world, including our team at WARM, who specialize in different areas of the music industry, and together, we can help you to level up!

Why JetStream? Transparency!

Most distribution companies get paid off the top of royalties that come from streaming. Without this income, distro companies cannot afford their infrastructure, unless they can offset those costs with higher upload fees or massive volumes. JetStream takes a modest fee which is processed before you get paid; they take pride in making sure their artists keep 100% ownership of their songs. These fees are on a per-song/album with no upcharges or subscriptions. It includes YouTube monetization and pre-release features, too.

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JetStream's mission is to help artists monetize their careers through distribution, synch licensing, artist development, PR, social media, radio delivery, playlist pitching, and the discovery of new streams of music income.

JetStream's key mission is to educate artists on how to keep ownership of their intellectual property, grow their audience base, and guide them through a tailored career roadmap.

Music Performance

Once your promotion strategy is set with JetStream, make sure to keep track of your music's performance on all your platforms of choice. Keep up-to-date with high-quality data such as where your listeners are located and which of your songs are trending. As for radio, keep WARM in mind. Discover where and when your music is being played on the radio, from region to countries, to cities, and even to specific radio stations across the globe. Use this key radio airplay data to strengthen your promotion strategy and make the most of it!

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