Music Biz Podcasts Every Musician Should  Know About (Pt 2)

A while back, we did a recommendation of music business podcasts that every independent musician should know about. However, since we’re living in a time where tons of great content is constantly being released, we figured it was time for a part 2.

Below, we’ve once again gathered a list of some of our favorite music business podcasts that all do a great job of diving into the business side of music and educating the listener in the process. If you’re looking to learn more about the inner workings of the music industry and make smarter decisions in your music career, make sure to check these out!


Soundcharts is a music analytics startup that tracks artists at scale across Spotify, Youtube, AM/FM radio, and many other channels. Additionally, they have a music business podcast called Insiders which we recommend checking out! They feature interviews with executives who are shaping the future of the music and tech industries.

When Life Hands You Lennons

Lennon Cihak is a young music journalist who we had the pleasure of featuring on our own podcast for a great interview last year about the importance of giving your music a story. Since then, Lennon has launched his own podcast, When Life Hands You Lennons, where he spotlights behind the scenes topics and talent from across the music industry.

The podcast usually features Lennon in conversation with a guest discussing industry related issues that so far have ranged from songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering to more business-oriented topics like getting PR, working with filmmakers, and the vinyl comeback.

With roughly an episode released per week, Lennon’s podcast is growing quickly and it's one you definitely need to keep your eye on. Listen here.

Music Growth Talks

The Music Growth Talks podcast is hosted by Andrew Apanov who is also the founder of Dotted Music, a music brand marketing agency. With roughly 130 podcast episodes released in total, MGT is firmly established with plenty of music industry wisdom waiting to be tapped into.

On the podcast, Andrew has covered everything from how to collect your publishing royalties and reach out to labels to utilizing messenger bots and doing crowdfunding, usually with the help of an expert in that particular field.

WARM’s own CEO Jesper Skibsby was lucky enough to be featured as a guest last year where he and Andrew had a great conversation about the importance of tracking your radio airplay. Listen to the podcast here.

The Music Marketing Manifesto

John Oszajca is a former recording artist who at one point was signed to Interscope and Warner Music. Since then he's gone on to create the Music Marketing Manifesto, an innovative system and approach to music marketing that helps independent musicians succeed on their own terms.

The Music Marketing Manifesto embraces a direct to fan strategy that often goes against much of the music industry’s established wisdom and on the podcast, John discusses many of his ideas and philosophies. So far he has covered topics like what it takes for your music to get on the charts, how to grow your fan base by spending 5 dollars a day and how to use the power of words to attract more listeners to your music. Listen to the podcast here.

Music Business Dreams

Brandon Jackson is a marketing and branding expert who’s company KDMR Music provides consulting for artists looking to build a successful music career on all levels. In addition to this, Brandon also runs the Music Business Dreams podcast where shares many of his insights, especially ones that are helpful to the independent musician.

The diverse range of topics Brandon has covered on the MBD podcast so far includes optimizing your Facebook ads, getting your finances in order, SEO for musicians and much more. Listen to the podcast here.

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