New pricing plans!

Summer is here and it's getting WARM🔥  Once again we have listened to our user's requests, and today we are releasing new pricing plans that include bundles for EPs and albums. It's now way cheaper and easier to subscribe for more songs!​

Check out the NEW plans!

Read more about the new pricing structures and features on our pricing page. You can check out bundles of 5 and 10 songs and save up to 60%. We hope this will help you find the right pricing plan for your releases.

Remember, as soon as you upload your music on WARM, we'll be able to tell you WHERE and WHEN your song has been played on radio stations all around the globe. It's never too late to start tracking your radio airplay!

Additionally, we have opened new features that were previously limited to longer plans like the "promotion section".​ Check out the new features​. Now all of our users can access the contact information of hundreds of radio stations plus 31 radio promoters that we personally can recommend!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the new pricing structure and we will be happy to solve them.

Because Every Airplay Counts!

Keep safe. Keep WARM.

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