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Wednesday, August 26, 2020


‘Candid’ by Whitney’s hots for France!

Our data at WARM has shown that Nantes, France, is punching above its weight for the American band’s newest record ‘Candid’. While The US is still the country where Whitney is most popular, Germany and Franceare ranking right after. Meanwhile ‘Candid’ is taking it to the next level by being played on radio all around the world, from Faroe Islands to Hong Kong!

Alex Cameron heats it up for fans!

The Australian musician has just released early versions of 4 of his songs from the album ‘Miami Memory’ released last year. ‘Far From Born Again’ and ‘Miami Memory’ being 2 of them. According to our data at WARM, both songs’ studio versions were played the most in Germany, followed by The US and Spain. How do you think the new releases will perform like? Let’s start tracking!


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Lizzo wins court battle in "Truth Hurts" lawsuit

With more than 700,000 plays on radio in the past 12 months, ‘Truth Hurts’ is undeniably one of Lizzo's biggest hits. From our WARM data, we know that The US accounts for 80% of the total amount of airplay on a global scale. However, Berlin (DE) is the city where it’s been played the most! But this is no ordinary story. Last year a dispute started over it, including the substantial royalties generated from it. A group of songwriters claimed that the single was derived from an early demo which they worked on with Lizzo called ‘Healthy’. Just like any other business, music can also get tricky at some point. Lizzo won the court battle, but is no easy task to keep track of everything that goes around the business easily. Discover some of the Music Biz Podcasts Every Musician Should  Know About and learn how to manage your music business.



Discover WARM in French and Spanish!

We want you to feel more welcome every time you visit us which is why now you can find our website content in two new languages: French and Spanish. Visit WARM and you’ll find representative flags for each language. Choose the flag that suits best your preferences to learn more about our work and our team in your own language!​

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Meet & Connect with our customers through their stories in the music industry. Featuring artist and loyal customer, Ten Katestraat, stage name of Stephen Howard. English singer and songwriter living in Amsterdam. Get to know him and his work better and discover how he is using our data from WARM to make progress in his career. Find out why Ten Katestraat thinks of WARM as impressive, fun, and – yes – a bit addictive!

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Jesper Skibsby AKA ‘El Jefe’. Meet the man who is behind WARM. 3 years ago, after noticing that the band he represented at the time was being played on the radio in Poland without them even knowing about it, Jesper got the first hint of what was going to be WARM. Visit our Social Media channels and find out more about Jesper and our full team!​

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