Radio Airplay Evolution

The lifetime and evolution of a track seem to take many different forms and shapes. Every track and every radio single has its own life after its release. These days the competition is higher than ever and it is really hard to predict how music will be received by the audience and the media.We compared the first 30 weeks of airplay on two different singles by two different artists to display how songs evolve quitedifferently. The data is compiled of the total amount of weekly radio plays worldwide, based on monitoring of +25.000 radio stations (FM, DAB, digital/online radios) by WARM.Here's a graphical overview of the airplay statistics on two different singles with two very different progressions.1) Cardi B (ft. J Balvin & Bad Bunny) - I Like It (2018)2) Lukas Graham - 7 years (2015)

cardib WARM

Both singles haveentered top 2 on US Billboard Hot 100 in their release year, but we have to look at the artists and the tracks to fully understand the progression. "7 Years" has had a quite different life, with started as a local hit in its native country, Denmark. The song started asa smash on streaming services in Scandinavia and moved on to radios internationally. On the other hand, Cardi B was an internationally known star at the time of release, and on top of that "I Like It" has two features of Latin Americanstars.It is hard to tell whether slow organic growth is a more healthyand profitable evolution for a track. But it is quite important to notice that success can happen in diverse ways and have various shapes. "I Like It" has had 674.266 radio airplaysglobally in the first half year after its release.Next example is a comparison of 3 different Calvin Harris singles in first 20 weeks after their release.1. Calvin Harris (ft. Sam Smith) - Promises2. Calvin Harris (ft. Dua Lipa) - One Kiss3. Calvin Harris (ft. Katy Perry, Pharell Williams &Big Sean)- Feels

CalvinHarris WARM

Even if you're not Calvin Harris yourself -make sure to check your own stats and compare them! Use your streaming numbers, radio airplay data, and yoursocial media stats to get a full overview of your music's performance. Be open to a different kind of success, it can happen in odd places!


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