Radio Station Spotlight: FluxFM (Berlin, Germany)

Is this segment, we spotlight some of the many interesting radio stations that are currently broadcasting around the world.

We want to put a face on some of the many stations that WARM monitors and show just how much quality and variety still exists out there when it comes to radio programming. We will especially be looking at stations who do a lot to support emerging and ‘alternative’ music.

FluxFM is a radio station in Berlin which has been on the air since 2005 when it started broadcasting as Motor FM. The station pays particular attention to alternative, punk and electronic music with a strong focus on artists residing in Germany. Besides radio, FluxFM is also an online platform, a community and event organizer.

For decades, Berlin has been a musical hotspot for various alternative and electronic music scenes and FluxFM is right at the epicentre of this. According to them, they are the voice of Generation Flux: 'all those who are open and curious, who are creative people, makers, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and multipliers, united by their love of music.'

Their top 10 airplay chart for week 2, 2019 gives a good indication of FluxFM's eclectic programming and their dedication to showcasing a diversity of new music. For instance, their top 10, is dominated by releases from independent labels.The most played track is by the Austrian indie rock band Bilderbuch who release music on their own label Maschin Records. Singer-songwriter Hayden James who releases music on the respected Australian label Future Classic has the number two spot and American soul singer Allen Stone on ATO Records comes in third.Elsewhere in the top 10 are upcoming artists like Austrian folk singer Black Sea Dahu and German indie rockers PICTURES who appear alongside more established names like White Lies and The Vaccines.You can tune in to FluxFM right here.

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