Radio Station Spotlight: MaXXima (Geneva, Switzerland)

Is this segment, we spotlight some of the many interesting radio stations that are currently broadcasting around the world. We want to put a face on some of the many stations that WARM monitors and show just how much quality and variety still exists out there when it comes to radio programming. We will especially be looking at stations who do a lot to support emerging and ‘alternative’ music.

MaXXima is a radio station based in Geneva, Switzerland. Information on the station is pretty hard to come to buy and their website doesn’t offer much in terms of the station's history, mission statement or programming philosophy. Apparently, they prefer to let the music do the talking which is something we can definitely respect!

What we do know is that MaXXima's music programming is totally on point. The station broadcasts 24/7 with an all music/zero talk format and offer a broad range of electronic, house and dance music styles. They also regularly host live shows.The titles of shows like Deep'n'Houseful, Urban Night Grooves, Electro & Deep, and Underground Maxx are pretty self-explanatory and for fans of electronic music, there are many many hours of enjoyment to be found.Tune in to MaXXima here.

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