Radio Station Spotlight: NTS Radio (UK, US, China)

Is this segment, we spotlight some of the many interesting radio stations that are currently broadcasting around the world. We want to put a face on some of the many stations that WARM monitors and show just how much quality and variety still exists out there when it comes to radio programming. We will especially be looking at stations who do a lot to support emerging and ‘alternative’ music.

NTS Radio is a London-basedonlineradiostation with studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Manchester. Broadcasting underground music live, 24/7. The hosts and editorial staff is a family of like-minded and passionate individuals, dedicated to supporting exciting music and culture through online radio and events.[caption id="attachment_4956" align="alignnone" width="940"]

NTS radio (1) WARM

NTS radio (1) WARM[/caption]The station was founded in April 2011 by Femi Adeyemi and has had anumber of musicians, DJs, and record labels have appeared on NTS as guests, including Four Tet, Jamie XX, Karen O, Kelela, M.I.A, Mr. Scruff, Peanut Butter Wolf, Run The Jewels, Ryuichi Sakamoto, etc.Remember you can track yourown music on the radio by using WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor), and get detailed insights on your radio airplay worldwide.


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