Ryan Adams's Radio Airplay is Taking a Huge Hit After Abuse Allegations

American singer Ryan Adams is taking a pretty serious beating in the news media at the moment due to allegations of abuse against several women. As a result of this, it was recently reported that several radio stations have stopped playing Adams's music and he has also been dropped by multiple guitar, amp and pedal companies as a partner. We looked into what the actual effect on his radio play has been.Judging by the performance of Ryan Adams's latest single 'Fuck The Rain', we can confirm that his airplay has indeed gone downhill very fast since the allegations against him came out around mid-February.'Fuck The Rain' was released on January 23 and started getting radio airplay across the world shortly after. Over the next weeks, its airplay was growing steadily, until the allegations were published in the New York Times on February 13. Shortly after this, the airplay of the song went into steep decline.As the graphs below show, the drop in airplay was steepest in the United States, Adams's home country, but a similar development has taken place globally.We've previously published stories about how RnB singer R.Kelly has experienced a decline in his airplay after also facing abuse allegations while controversial rapper 6ix6ine has actually seen an increase in his airplay after going to jail. We’ll monitor the worldwide airplay trends as they evolve.

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