WARM Adds 15 New Radio Stations For Monitoring in December!

We are very pleased to announce that during December we have added 15 new radio stations for monitoring! The new additions are based in North America, Northern, and Southern Europe, and among them are community radio stations in Canada and the US, national radio in Sweden and specialized internet stations in the UK. Check out the newly added stations below. And for a full list of the +27.000 radio stations WARM monitors, click here.

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CFBS FM 89.9CanadaCHEF FM 99.9CanadaCIBO FM 100.5CanadaCJBE FM 90.5 Radio AnticostiCanadaCKCJ FM 97.9CanadaRadio TelebostonUSKJMG Majic 97USSveriges Radio P6 89.6SwedenM radioFranceCumbernauld FM 106.6UKMonies New Music Radio IndieUKMonies New Music Radio CountryUKFinnRadio FMSpainWAAK K-94.7USKZWA FM Live 104.9US

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