WARM Starts Collaboration With Rotor

Lots of exciting things are happening at WARM at the moment and today we're pleased to announce a collaboration with the innovative UK-based music video platform Rotor.


Rotor caters to independent artists looking to create high-quality music videos without paying a fortune in the process. The service utilises unique video creation software allowing artists to upload a track, choose between a number of editing tools and styles and have a music video generated instantly. With Rotor, literally, all you need is your song. However, it is also possible to add your own clips, images, text or lyrics which will then be mixed in with Rotor's own stock video footage to create a unique music video, promo video or lyric video. Rotor is built by a team of musicians, engineers and video directors who have built video tech for Google and YouTube, created music videos for Oasis, Primal Scream and Coldplay and who have managed major record labels. Almost all of Rotor's clips were created by their team of videographers and the studios that they partner with.Today, more music is streamed on YouTube than ALL of the other streaming services combined which means that it is extremely important that your music has a visual component. This means that video creation needs to be fast, easy and inexpensive so that anybody can create great a looking video without knowing anything about video production.By using Rotor, you'll be joining over 100,000 artists who are already making videos with the service. Among others, Rotor is trusted by the world's largest record labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner.

Our collaboration

Digital technology continues to shift more and more power into the hands of artists and creators in the music industry. Both WARM and Rotor are on a mission to empower independent artists and provide them with the tools needed to realise both their creative and commercial potential. For this reason, we are delighted to be working together.Check out Rotor Videos here.

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