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Access real-time airplay data from over 25,000+ radios worldwide!

We monitor more than 25,000+ Radio Stations

From small independent Japanese radio stations to college radios in Canada and national stations worldwide, we monitor radio airplay in 160+ countries. With WARM you will always know when and where your music is being played - even on genre-specific stations.

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Maximise the profitability of your label’s releases by monitoring their radio airplay in real-time. Get ahold of reliable and detailed reports to easily assess your ROI and timely optimize your marketing and promotion strategies.

for Record labels

Bring in more business opportunities and sign bigger deals by telling compelling stories about your artists. Discover when and where their music is played on air to identify new markets as well as optimize your marketing and promotion strategies.

For managers

Monetise your radio promotion business by monitoring your campaigns with WARM. Access detailed reports to quantify and showcase your work’s impact on a song’s radio presence and artist’s career. Use these reports to make a compelling case to get even more clients.

for radio pLUGGERS

Take control over your music career! At WARM we want you to be the one in charge of your career path. Access the most accurate airplay data of the market to unlock your full potential and get the recognition your music deserves!

For Artists

Drive your music business to success! At WARM we provide you with the most accurate airplay data for you to get your business running. Pitch with accurate real-time data and start booking your next events.

for booking agents
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We collaborate with record labels, managers, independent artists, booking agents, radio promoters, and many other music creators and taste makers from around the world.

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Is your music being played on the radio?

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Add Song
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Add your songs
WARM conducts real-time radio monitoring to collect your airplay data.
Step 2
Unlock valuable insights
Find out more about your current and potential fanbase. In-depth geographical data based on cities, countries and regions.
Step 3
Plan your promotion strategy
WARM provides you with relevant insights to create & optimize your marketing & PR strategies. Learn from competitors and market-specific data.
Step 4
Get proof of your radio airplay
Use your airplay data to easily collect your royalties.

“WARM is a remarkable tool for our radio promotion team. Its accurate tracking system covers a wide range of stations across the world and enables us to provide detailed individual reports, all for a very reasonable cost.”


Record Label

“WARM has been an invaluable tool as we collect data and assess the response to our recent releases by Baha Men, helping us make smarter overall marketing decisions.”

Paul Easton

Manager of Baha Men

“WARM allows me to monitor the lifecycle of a release and track its market reach on the global radio market - just like a proper record label. The real-time data is impressive, fun, and - yes - a bit addictive!”

Ten Katestraat

Singer & Songwriter

“As a company we’ve used several other radio tracking systems as a means to ease our workload to give us more time for pitching records, and many of those systems actually increased our workload through lengthy uploading processes and tracking errors. WARM couldn’t be easier to use which has given us more time to do what we do.”

Listen Up

Music Promotion

“I have been using WARM for a few years now. It is really great and easy to use. The tool is gold for me and my artists. We can always see where in the world their songs are being played and adapt the PR-strategies. No other radio monitoring tool can do that.”

Änne Wetzel

Head of PR at Bite It

“We started monitoring and collecting worldwide radio data with WARM in 2017. It’s become an essential tool that’s engraved in our workflow to monitor new releases for organic radio pick-up, measure the impact of our radio campaigns, and to reflect these numbers in our marketing communication and performance reports, allowing us to make better decisions around release campaigns and creator projects.”

Heroic Music Group

Music Management


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