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Real-time radio airplay monitoring, for independent musicians, songwriters and producers.

We are monitoring 21.000 radio stations in more than 100 countries,
which gives you, the biggest coverage on radio stations around the world. 

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WARM is the first large-scale airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of giving transparency for individual musicians.

Using the WARM platform, independent musicians, songwriters and producers can monitor in real-time any song that is played on radio stations worldwide. 

We use an audio fingerprint solution developed by Bach Technologies.

Pricing: 5€ pr. month or 36€ pr. year (Ex. VAT)


  • Create transparency regarding radio airplays.
  • Optimize social media and radio promotion.
  • Improve the control of royalty collection.
  • Enable geographically targeted tour booking.
  • Target fans and followers in countries and cities.
  • Control your radio plugging.