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Our Mission

To provide accessibility and unlock the value of radio for every music entrepreneur.

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What we do

By monitoring radio stations worldwide, we track your songs’ airplay in real-time in order to provide you with valuable insights that will help you take your music career to the next level. With WARM you will get a thorough view of your fanbase as well as discover emerging markets.

Moreover, we provide you with the tools to improve your marketing and promotion strategies, and even accelerate your royalty collection.

Meet the team

How WARM works

The technology behind WARM is based on Audio Fingerprinting and Music Recognition technologies. Every song gets a unique fingerprint which we then use to identify the second a song is being played on the radio stations we monitor around the world.

Our web application is backed up by ACRCloud, a leading audio recognition platform. Through their technology we make sure you have access to very detailed information about your songs’ reproduction on the radio.

Discover which radio station is playing your songs, the time and duration of each reproduction, the country where the radio station is located, and even the city!

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“Such recognition is crucial for any industry that by definition is always outside the mainstream. The long tail for artists that Warm is trying to fix is welcome. Video certainly didn’t kill off the radio star, but hopefully the radio star can embrace a new model for everybody in the latest version of the music business.“

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"...radio is still a very influential broadcasting channel. Especially, it remains a great way for music lovers to discover new artists. Only downside: it is very difficult for artists or their representatives to accurately track the airplays of their songs. For each problem there is a solution. And the answer here has a name: WARM."

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“The intuitive nature of WARM is fantastic. Their Fingerprint and Music Recognition Technology are unrivalled. Seeing the airplay data in real-time means that we have the right information at our fingertips to scope the results of our work.”

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Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story

Back in 2012...

...our CEO, Jesper Skibsby was the manager of Danish band “Few Wolves”. Out of the blue he found out that their music was being played on the radio in Poland, but he couldn’t find any truthful or accessible data provider that could validate this information for the band. And so the story begins, Jesper found himself questioning the lack of transparency in the music industry and the way they make it difficult for music creators to access their airplay data.

As a music entrepreneur, Jesper was motivated to find a proper solution to eliminate this barrier. It was only a matter of time until he got himself immersed in research and key conversations which made him realize a major opportunity that could shake up the music industry. And so, the project we know today as WARM saw an open door to get started.


Company Consolidation

- Launch of the beta version of WARM


Investment Rounds

- Listed in accelerator programs in Europe
- Strategic enrollments with major organizations


New product: WM Charts

- Launch of the beta version of WARM Charts


Product Development

-Referral System
-Historical Airplay Reports

Behind every great product, there’s always a great team!

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Founder & CEO

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Head Of Business Development

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Marketing & Partnership Manager

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Country Representative, GSA

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