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At WARM we provide you with unquestionable data that makes solid proof of the improvement in the number of radio plays of any song you promote.

Get more music out on the radio and open new business opportunities!

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With our detailed reports you can approach new clients, develop strong relationships with the radio stations that are playing your music, and expand your business even more. Our data is solid proof of the value of your work.

Access the most accurate radio airplay data at the most competitive price of the market!

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“The intuitive nature of WARM is fantastic. Their Fingerprint and Music Recognition Technology are unrivaled. Seeing the airplay data in real-time means that we have the right information at our fingertips to scope the results of our work.”

Matt Allen

Co-founder at The Famous Company

“I have been using WARM for a few years now. It is really great and easy to use. The tool is gold for me and my artists. We can always see where in the world their songs are being played and adapt the PR-strategies. No other radio monitoring tool can do that.”

Änne Wetzel

Head of PR at Bite It

“As a company we’ve used several other radio tracking systems as a means to ease our workload to give us more time for pitching records, and many of those systems actually increased our workload through lengthy uploading processes and tracking errors. WARM couldn’t be easier to use which has given us more time to do what we do.”

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