Identify new markets for you
and your artists' music.

Successful strategies – Negotiation power – Business profitability

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Gain negotiation power

Develop your artists by efficiently working with their potential. WARM monitors radio stations around the world and reports accurate data about exactly when and where an artist’s songs are played on air.

These data sets help you identify promising markets as well as optimize your marketing and promotion strategies. Consequently, as a Manager, you gain negotiation power when dealing with record labels, music distributors, booking venues, and partnerships; even when collecting royalties!

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Accurate data in a user-friendly platform

In today’s digital world, accurate data is a key element to achieve success in the music industry - including the radio scene given its rising relevancy.

WARM is an intuitive platform that gives you access to a complete and precise overview of your artists’ (and competitors’) performance on radio. Breakdown airplay data by regions, countries, cities, and radio stations alike to get reliable insights, hence manage your radio promotion and PR initiatives.


“WARM has been an invaluable tool as we collect data and assess the response to our recent releases by Baha Men, helping us make smarter overall marketing decisions.”

Paul Easton

Owner at Talent Ventures

“Discovering WARM has been a godsend to me as I would otherwise have no idea where my artists’ music was being played. It validates the effort and work put into promoting the music.”

Doug McKellar

Director at Safe Management

“WARM is a game changer for us as artist managers! It’s so useful to see where there is a demand for the artist. Who knew, we found out one of our acts had a large number of plays in Prague. That’s obviously great information for our agent, who can then contact local promoters and pitch a new show.”

Line Rindvig

Manager of Che Lingo and Aisha Vibes

“As a record label it’s hard to find all the places playing our music, and therefore hard to make sure we are getting the correct PPL payments. WARM is helping me discover we are a lot more popular than I thought with radio and I would recommend the service to anyone.”

Kal Jhugroo

Owner at Underground Artist Agency and The Underground

“WARM tells us when and how much our artists are being played on the radio. It has given us the opportunity to control our investments in radio plugging in the given European territories and thereby plan our upcoming tours based on the info from WARM.”

Stefan Facius

Partner at Heartbeat Management

“We’ve been using WARM for over 2 years and are very happy. It’s important for our artists to know where they’re being played and WARM gives us perfect reports to adapt our strategy in conformity.”

Mihai Antonosciuc

CEO at Beware Management

“WARM has been a great help in identifying plays for my roster’s tracks on radio, on a worldwide basis. We’ve found a number of plays we weren’t aware of and have been able to identify and contact the individual DJs and stations supporting, to work closer with them.”

Methe Buhl Maichner

Director at PB Management

“Since we have started using WARM to track the use of our songs, we have been really impressed. Their coverage of radio stations around the world is extremely comprehensive and provides us with real insights into how our writers’ songs are performing.”

Phil Rose

Director of Rights at Sentric Music

"We started monitoring and collecting worldwide radio data with WARM in 2017. It´s become an essential tool that´s engraved in our workflow to monitor new releases for organic radio pick-up, measure the impact of our radio campaigns, and reflect these numbers in our marketing communication and performance reports, allowing us to make better decisions around release campaigns and creator projects."

Luka van der Gun

Artist Manager at Heroic Music Group

"The intuitive nature of WARM is fantastic. Their Fingerprint and Music Recognition Technology are unrivaled. Seeing the airplay data in real-time means that we have the right information at our fingerprints to scope the results of our work"

Matt Allen

Co-founder at The Famous Company