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WARM provides you with detailed reports allowing you to discover where and when specific songs are getting radio airplay. You'll find the potential of our data to be top-notch to design strategic marketing campaigns that will solidify your business growth.

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Access your artists' segmented airplay data reports, from regional levels all the way to specific radio station levels and drive your music to emerging markets.

Moreover, track down the radio airplay data that fits your artists' genres best and explore different market trends!

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“WARM is a remarkable tool for our radio promotion team. Its accurate tracking system covers a wide range of stations across the world and enables us to provide detailed individual reports, all for a very reasonable cost.”


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“We started monitoring and collecting worldwide radio data with WARM in 2017. It’s become an essential tool that’s engraved in our workflow to monitor new releases for organic radio pick-up, measure the impact of our radio campaigns, and to reflect these numbers in our marketing communication and performance reports, allowing us to make better decisions around release campaigns and creator projects.”

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