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Aurovine: Blockchain streaming service

We would like to introduce our new friends and collaborators in the music tech industry, Aurovine. They provide a platform for streaming music, however not an alternative to Spotify or Apple Music, but a place for artists and bands to connect even closer with their listeners.

Stream and share

Aurovine came to market in 2013 and was the world's first blockchain music website. When fans share music from Aurovine into their Facebook and Twitter pages, they earn Audiocoins, along with the artists. Fans can stream music using Audiocoins. Every time a track is streamed on the Aurovine site, the artist earns coins.

By using the Audiocoin, artists, record labels, music businesses and music fans can nurture and grow a unique and long term ethical crypto revenue stream, separate, or in parallel, to those offered by platforms such as Spotify and iTunes etc.

Audiocoin is real currency

The more your fans share and stream your music, the greater the value of the coin rises. Audiocoins can be exchanged for other crypto currency and other traditional currencies. Fans become true investors and shareholders in music. 

And you can spend your Audiocoins! As Aurovine’s partnerships grow, artists and fans will have the opportunity to spend Audiocoins on services and products such as studio time, mastering, PR, merchandising, live streaming and much more.

The service is free for everyone. Aurovine is the perfect opportunity for artists, labels, creatives and supporting businesses to explore the alternative that is desperately needed.

New financial models for the music industry

The service will provide a beneficial financial structure for artists when the crypto currency gets more and more valuable as the usage expands.

Right now, the general music industry system is failing many musicians. Huge swathes of the music industry are in dire straits. Even before the Covid pandemic, musicians were struggling to make ends meet. Aurovine is the focal point of a blockchain music revolution that offers all artists, of all genres, from all backgrounds, an alternative to the status quo.

In 2021, on the back of the Covid19 pandemic, thousands of artists, labels and musicians are turning to blockchain music, realising that the current model has failed them, and only truly serves the interests of the top 2.5% of the industry. 

Aurovine is reaching out to all sectors of the music industry, to establish a roadmap that gives a viable alternative, underpinned by ethical values, using an open and transparent blockchain and crypto currency model!

The streaming platform is run by musicians, creatives and experts from media and technology backgrounds. They love new and independent artists and their goal is to promote great music from all genres and offer support through these difficult times that the music industry faces.

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The Audiocoin

Aurovine developed their own crypto token to directly help and support artists and labels, to give an alternative crypto coin revenue stream that grows in value as more fans and artists engage. The Audiocoin will help support musicians and many other creatives who are struggling to get heard and earn a living.

Blockchain is being adopted by all manors of industry and business because it's transparent, secure, fast and isn't owned by central banks. The huge rise in the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins proves that crypto currency is real and sustainable. Blockchain music is proving to be a real solution that is growing and now is the time to get involved.

The Audiocoin is growing in popularity and can now be bought and traded at exchanges such as txbit.


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