Hot Talk w/ Good Intent

Hot Talk w/ Good Intent

A brand new spotlight concept has emerged for WARM. Please welcome “Hot Talks” - a series of customer spotlights, shining a light on our dear users. For this instalment, we had the pleasure to connect with Nick Moran, Head of PR Services at . Good Intent is an Eora/Sydney-based music services company, run by three local music enthusiast’s (Rob Carroll, Nick Moran and Rick Bridgman) and their team, who are passionate about taking music they love to the world.

  1. Hi, lovely to have you with us. First of all, what’s your own background coming into the music industry?

My introduction to the industry was through my band and playing shows after I left school. We played all over Sydney for the best part of 8-9 years. I actually met Good Intent’s Director Rob Carroll through playing shows he booked as part of Rare Finds, a Chugg Music affiliate. I started interning with Rob at Rare Finds, initially in video editing. I also volunteered at a bunch of festivals.

  1. What was it that first made you decide to start at Good Intent?

Our director, Rob Carroll, originally started Good Intent in 2018. I was interning with him at Rare Finds at the time, and he asked if I’d be keen to come along. I was super keen to jump in at the start of a new business. I think part of Rob’s reasoning was starting his own company, where he got to decide where the investment went and how to grow it. It’s something I love about running your own business. 

  1. What is your role at Good Intent?

I’m the PR Services Director. I manage all our release and tour PR campaigns. We pitch out to DSPs, radio, online blogs, retail playlists and TV. We write press releases and come up with press content ideas for artists. 

  1. How do you feel the music industry has changed since you joined Good Intent?

The landscape has changed a lot. Streaming dominates these days as the influence of online blogs and radio has waned somewhat. Video content is now king, and TikTok obviously wasn’t a thing five years ago. 

However, some things don’t change, and that’s the importance of live music. It’s often a place where you go from being curious about an artist to being a big fan. 

  1. Has the pandemic in any way changed how you’re doing your job today?

It mainly pushed more things online in the PR space. In-person servicing has been vastly reduced. The knock-on from the shutdown of live music affected all parts of the industry. Also, many people left the industry during the pandemic, and many haven’t returned. 

  1. What are some of the challenges and benefits you are facing as Good Intent these days?

In a post-pandemic world, there are always challenges in the live music space. Ticket sales often only come in late these days, which is a stress on artists, managers, booking agents and venues. We now book The Lady Hampshire in Camperdown, Sydney, so we felt some challenges there, especially throughout Winter. 

Over the last five years, we’ve grown to the point where we get to work with some really exciting and rising artists. That offers many benefits through experience and getting our name out there. 

  1. What’s your advice for anyone wanting to build their own career as an artist or label?

Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done and organise your release strategies well in advance. Artists miss a lot of opportunities through having to rush towards a release. 

Ensure you’ve got strategies across all your areas: live, socials, PR, mailing lists, etc. If all parts of your strategy work together, it will help you build strong momentum. 

  1. And lastly, what does the rest of 2023 look like for Good Intent?

Ah, a fair few things! We just had our 5th Birthday, which was great to celebrate. We’ll be announcing our Greater Good winner for 2023. DOPE LEMON releases an album at the end of September. November is Australian Music Month over here, and we do plenty of initiatives to give back to upcoming artists, so watch out for those!