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How to make the most of the Covid lockdown as a musical artist?

In this article we will be sharing inputs on how you as a musician can use these days, with COVID-19 setting the agenda, to exploit the insights airplay data can give you.

COVID-19 is old news by now. But, nonetheless, many of us are still adapting to the situation, which in so many ways has changed our ways of living. And we know that for you as a musician, it has had some devastating consequences in relation to the many cancelled concerts this summer.

We can’t do business as usual. But, we now have the opportunity to explore new ways of thinking and acting. Therefore, it is also a good time to try and optimize the way you think of your marketing and promotion as an artist and/or band. DIY-style.

In this article we’ll guide you through 8 ways you can use airplay data. These tips can help you keep interest from fans and radio stations until you can go out on stage and give it your all again. (we can’t wait either!)

Why Airplay Data?

Here you’ll get a brief explanation on why it is a good idea to collect your airplay data. Especially now.

Radio and streaming are of interest to most in the music industry. It could be expected that there would be a dip in usages of these due to the elimination and close downs of commutes and places where music normally would be playing, like gyms and restaurants.

However, reports reveal that Americans were spending around 12 hours a day on media before the pandemic. This amount of time could potentially grow by 60% among those who stay indoors now. In this relation, it has been stated that Radio is perceived as a trusted connection. Actually, 83% are listening to the same amount or more radio than before the pandemic.

So where are we going with this info? Well, MIDiA has predicted that there could be up to 15% more time available for consumers to listen to music these days, and this gives a set of opportunities. Some of those are:

Your opportunities

1.  Your audience are held captive, and now have more time on their hands (to listen to your music).

2. You are, as a musician, isolated and have the opportunity to reinvent thyself and rethink your content.

3.  You can spend time on digging into your data and making insightful choices on how to develop your promotion and marketing.

4. Aspects of the music industry are more open to reinvent the business with every week that goes by where you can’t go on tours or engage with fans in real life (so it is now you have the chance to present all your crazy ideas on how to do things in a new way).

This equals an opportunity to create better promotion and engagement online, which by the way should be considered as a great investment post lockdown as well. It also means that when your music plays on the radio right now, even more people are listening than normal. Therefore, of course you want the airplay now. Right?


When you use WARM you can get information on exactly where your music is being played in real time. This gives you the data to be your own radio promoter and push more of your music to radio stations who are already having your name on their playlist. Furthermore, it gives you information about where in the world those who consume your music are located. This can guide you in your content development on your social media platforms.

Basically, radio tracking is  a useful tool to get insight into (1) your airplays, (2) who is consuming your music, and (3) where your fans and listeners are located. Once you have this information there are several ways to take advantage of it.

So let’s break this into 8 easily implemented steps on how to think of airplay data, and how we see you can take advantage of this info.

1. Be Your Own Radio Promoter

Professional radio promoters are expensive. But you can also choose to do your own radio promotion. And using WARM’s radio monitoring system will make you much more effective. For example, when looking for radio stations to pitch your music to, you could:

a) Identify stations that have already played your music. As they have already played your music there is a good chance they will be open to receiving more from you.

b) Do a search for artists whose music is similar to yours and see where they are getting airplay. This will quickly provide you with a list of relevant radio stations to target. Spy on your competitors, so to say.

2. Control Your Royalty Collection

Track exactly where in the world your songs are playing. This will give you information that, if necessary, you can take to your performing rights organization. This will help you determine if your royalty payouts are correct and give you more leverage if you feel there are inconsistencies.

3. Improve Future Tour Booking

As mentioned, you can use data from WARM to get insights into where your music is being consumed. You can also use this information when you are planning your next tour. We know this seems a bit far away right now, but spend some of your time wisely by building up a good data- based arguments before reaching out to different concert promoters in the future. If you are able to bring solid data to the table, on how your music is performing in the area, they will be more willing to book you.

4. Social Media Targeting

Social media is pretty much on fire right now. The reason is that this is one way artists can stay in touch with their fanbase and for instance share music via live-sessions. It also enables you to reaching out to new markets and areas.

By identifying which countries and cities that have your music in radio rotation, you can target your social media efforts more.

Music is consumed differently depending on genre, country, age, group, etc. Use data from radio tracking and compare it to data from streaming and social media to get a fuller and deeper picture of your fanbase.

5. Stand Out From The Competition

Despite the fact that people presumably have more time on their hands to listen to music now, there is still more music out there than ever to choose from. This means you must be aggressive in your promotion. You can use your radio data to convince streaming curators to add you to their playlists, and vice versa. Also, consider using your airplay insights to negotiate with record labels about new and better deals.

6. Tell the World About Your Radio Plays

Sharing information about your radio airplay on social media etc., not only increases your credibility, but also supports the radio station at the same time. Radio programmers and DJs love this and it will make them like you even more.

7. Control Your Radio Promoter

Radio promoters can definitely be worth the cost - if they get you on the radio. It is important to know that your money is being put to good use. With WARM's airplay tracking, it is easy to determine if your radio promoter is successfully pitching your song(s) to radio stations.

8. Do a Virtual Radio Tour

Connecting with radio stations is a great way to build relationships. See if you can do a tour of radio stations, giving interviews and perhaps set up some live stream performance. This will strengthen your relationship and help keep you in rotation.

Get started

The 8 bullets above are some of the ways we believe you can benefit from getting airplay data from WARM. Hopefully, this article leaves you with the feeling that this time of social distancing doesn’t have to be a waste of time.

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Good luck.
And don’t forget, the show must go on!


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