Maximise potential with radio airplay data

Maximise the potential of every release with radio airplay data

Today’s music industry is ruled by data. But when it comes to radio airplay data, it is very difficult to find a reliable long-term solution. Radio monitoring services are either too expensive, too time-consuming, provide inaccurate data, or have limited market coverage. Well, it so happens that there is a user-friendly platform that solves all these problems: WARM [World Airplay Radio Monitor].

Why choose WARM? WARM provides: reliable radio monitoring, accurate real-time airplay data, worldwide coverage, a user-friendly platform, time-saving detailed reports, and at the most competitive price on the market.
Start monitoring your artists' airplay.

Worldwide radio monitoring

Our platform has the biggest coverage on the market with over 29,000 radio stations monitored across 167 countries. We strive to constantly improve our product by adding new radio stations to our monitoring system monthly. For instance, in 2021 alone we added 1,453 radios to our list. From Chile to Indonesia, from Switzerland to Zimbabwe, from Australia to Peru, from Seoul to London, we’ve got you covered!

Accurate operating system

Our system is powered by high-end technology which allows us to collect very accurate data. Our geographical segmentation, for example, gives our users a complete and in-depth overview of where their radio airplay comes from. Each airplay is communicated to our user in real-time, and with very specific information such as the name of the radio station which played the song, the timestamp at which the song was played, and even the duration of the reproduction.

Ultimate airplay reports

Users can export, share, and dissect radio airplay data easily thanks to custom reports, which are downloadable in Excel, CSV or PDF format. The level of detail of the reports is as precise as the platform itself. Users can access and drill down to the exact moment at which a song was played on a specific radio, in a specific city, in a specific country, region or continent.

Pricing and platform for all

Our pricing model is based on the number of songs you monitor and the time period during which you wish to monitor their radio airplay. We offer subscriptions to monitor single songs and bundles (5 or 10 songs), for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. The bigger the bundle and longer the time frame, the higher the discount a user gets!

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. It was designed for users to have quick access to the information they are most interested in: upload the songs they wish to monitor, view analytics, download reports, add radio stations, contact radio pluggers, and make the most of our referral program.

Radio airplay is here to stay, so the real question is: are you ready to make the most of it?

Monitor Your Artist's Radio Airplay