Michael Ritto

Michael Ritto becomes WARM’s new Chairman

As of June 2021, WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) has a new chairman and investor: Michael Ritto.

Michael Ritto is no stranger to the music industry. After co-founding Medley Records, he took the role as CEO of EMI Music for twelve years. Since, Michael Ritto has ventured into film and media as Nordisk Film’s CEO from 06-09, and now as an active investor and board member in Soundvenue Group, Moodagent, Low-Fi Concerts, Glass Management and JAM Company Holding, amongst others.

With Ritto’s investment, together with musicDNA Ltd and Vækstfonden, WARM has raised around 2 million DKK (USD 320.000). WARM is the music industry’s leading radio monitoring platform with the biggest market coverage in the world - everything from national and regional, to college, campus, web and non-commercial radios. Monitoring more than 29,000 radio stations in more than 167 countries, WARM provides music creators and taste makers of the world with valuable data about when and where their music is being played on the radio. "I am really looking forward to working with Jesper and the team. I have  great respect for what they have built and I am certain there is an enormous growth potential." Michael says.

Ritto-WARM also feels like an ‘obvious match’ because both parties share a common vision: to help music industry entrepreneurs. WARM helps artists, managers, record labels, radio promoters and booking agents to know, in real-time, when and where their music is played on the radio. As for Michael Ritto, he is the former chairman of the music industry organisation IFPI and co-founder of MBO, and has been at the forefront of the music industry’s defence in the fight against copyright infringement. "All my life I have worked to help creative people find the right balance between creativity and commercial terms.", he explains. WARM comes as a new challenge for him, as a new way to help music entrepreneurs unlock opportunities with their radio airplay data.

"I am delighted to have Michael Ritto on board. He is a widely respected professional in the music industry and he brings a lot of experience to the table. As a solo founder, Michael feels more like a partner, and I'm thrilled to continue to grow this company with him", comments Jesper Skibsby, the Founder and CEO of WARM.

The entire team is excited about Michael’s addition to WARM and look forward to working with him. Talent with priceless expertise is nothing but good news! Michael and WARM share the same vision and we’ll work together to unlock the value of radio. To learn more about WARM, our team, and what we do, head over to the About Us page - or simply follow the button below!

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