Mo-Nitta, entrepreneur and artist

"Recommending WARM is only partial, I'm going to go all the way!" - Mo-Nitta

Welcome back to our WARM Story space! As mentioned in our previous post, it is important for us to be close to our customers. We are proud to be right by their side as they progress in their career and it is our pleasure to share their stories with the world. So, for our second edition, we would like to introduce our loyal customer and artist Mo-Nitta.

Introducing Mo-Nitta

Entrepreneur and artist. Inspired by his passion for music, Mo-Nitta is the stage name of Letlotlo Elliot Ntso, a Hip-hop artist based in his hometown of Maseru City, Lesotho, Southern Africa. Not only does he create his own music, but his dedication to building a career in the industry has led him to open an agency named Mo-Nitta International aiming to provide label services to other artists.


While talking to Mo-Nitta and getting to know his work better, one can tell his entrepreneurial mindset is led by passion and determination. Mo-Nitta does not only focus his efforts on creating music, but he also thinks strategically in order to achieve his goals. In fact, his unique personality drives him to be an active artist in the constant pursuit of establishing himself in the Music industry.

So far, Mo-Nitta has been featured in the Official European Independent Music Chart - ToP INDeCOUVERTES as well as the Euro Indie Music Chart, has earned a position as a semi-finalist at the 2016 and 2017 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) as an R & B / Hip-hop artist, and surely there will be more recognition and milestones to come.

About his most recent work

- ‘Tell Me Why’ – Mo-Nitta’s first international song featuring rapper Anthem, produced by Space Mode.
- ‘My Life’ – interpreted by Horn-Bill & Young G featuring Mo-Nitta.
- ‘My team’ – interpreted by Mo-Nitta featuring Horn-Bill & Young G.
- ‘My Swagg’ – single of the ‘My Story’ album.


  • Favorite feature of WARM: "The [Promotion] section [with radio contacts for promotional services] which is beyond what is normally offered by other radio airplay monitoring companies."
  • This is how WARM is helping: To effectively collect royalties by having an updated track record of radio airplay and to identify potential markets in which to start planning future tours.
  • Our customers' words: “Recommending [WARM] is only partial, I'm going to go all the way!"

We've been together for some time now

After trying WARM for the very first time in September 2018, Mo-Nitta started compiling reports that show him the actual radio airplay of his music. Getting real-time data from our dashboard has been helping him to effectively collect royalties by identifying which radio stations are playing his songs. Moreover, our reports have also been helping him keep track of new markets that show interest in his work.

Lately, the situation for Mo-Nitta is looking even better. He recently discovered that his songs are being played in European countries and this knowledge opens a door for him to expand his vision and create a stronger business plan by refining his target audiences. Mo-Nitta has already taken the next step and is now getting in contact with booking agencies in specific regions of Europe in order to explore the market and evaluate the possibility of scheduling performance dates for a tour.

So, what does Mo-Nitta enjoy most of WARM?
Mo-Nitta’s favourite feature is the Promotion section on our dashboard where all paying subscribers have access to a list of Promoters and Radio Stations, including their contact information. Mo-Nitta even expressed his appreciation of this feature because other companies that offer radio monitoring services don’t provide this type of information like we do.

"The section that shows the contact details of other promotional entities, that is beyond what is normally offered by other radio airplay tracking companies.” - Mo-Nitta

While Promotion is not part of our service portfolio, offering this kind of information to our customers responds to our mission and culture. We offer accessibility to high-quality data which allows us to unlock the value of radio for every music entrepreneur—this is what we do. As for our culture, we aim for a democratised industry, where access to high-quality information is not restricted to certain individuals, regardless of their professional status and their commercial success.

We are humans working with humans

At WARM we are entrepreneurs working for entrepreneurs. We relate to our customers because we know first-hand the difficulties one goes through when building a business in the Music industry as well as the eagerness that drives one to pursue development and growth. Even though we are not radio promoters we encourage our customers to efficiently use the resources we are able to offer in order to help them achieve their goals.

“Recommending [WARM] is only partial, I'm going to go all the way! In fact, I plan to extend my services to other struggling artists locally and use WARM to track their radio [airplay] the same way I have been doing it for myself for the past two years.” - Mo-Nitta

WARM is a radio monitoring company that not only provides high-quality data, we offer honesty and transparency. We truly believe in the importance of being supportive to one another and that’s exactly how we do it. We are building authentic relationships with our customers in order to thrive together.

Interested in trying WARM? We’d love to welcome you! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at where one of our ninjas will be happy to help you.

Learn more about Mo-Nitta

Facebook: @monittali
Instagram: @monittali
Twitter: @monittan

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