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WARM launches College Radio Charts

Welcome to a new extension of radio insights from WARM: The WARM Charts. It's no secret that historically airplay charts have been reserved only for major artists. But things have changed... 

Celebrate World College Radio Day w/ New College Charts 

With multiple new weekly-updated chart offers coming from WARM now and over the next year, the first edition of WARM Charts, in celebration of the 9th World College Radio Day on Oct 4th, 2019, launches today and is based only on College and Student radio, focusing on global and larger territories (North America, Europe, Canada, UK and US).

Previous radio charts from other outlets have traditionally been based on statistics from larger commercial radio stations, usually focusing on national repertoire in the territories they cover. But globally, more independent music can travel across borders and get their deserved recognition with a partner who’s really looking at the trends across the globe. That’s us! 

True transparency

WARM’s new charts are entirely independent and do not favour any labels, stations, territories or organisations. We don’t use a scoring system weighting one more important than the other. We want to show how many times a song is played on any of the stations we cover, around the world, and create a level playing field. Our wish is that labels, artists, radio partners and listeners will use them as part of their story of artist and catalog growth and become inspired to share and discover new music, wherever it may appear. 

On Oct 11th, we will launch our overall global WARM Charts based on total airplays all of our 27.000 radio stations with genre-specific charts coming in the new year. WARM provides the largest coverage on any other service/charts, and therefore we can provide the most accurate charts in the music industry.

But the only way a song will be on the charts is if it's being monitored, which you can do for FREE by uploading your new music to WARM. This project has been developed with support from the European Commission. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 


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