Jesper Skibsby and Dorian Perron

How to get Radio Airplay in France?

Our fourth WARM Talk featured Dorian Perron and Jesper Skibsby. They discussed how to break into the French music industry and how to achieve more airplay on radio stations. Watch the session and get to know more about The French Music Business – and how to become a part of it!

The participants of the week

The host of the WARM Talk was Jesper Skibsby.  He was joined by Dorian Perron in a talk about how to get more airplay in France.

Dorian Perron

Dorian is co-founder of Groover. Groover’s mission is to reinvent how we think of music promotion. The platform allows musicians and their managers to easily contact media outlets, radios, record labels, and music professionals of their choice. Groover guarantees that your music is listened to - and that you at least get written feedback on your music. Often you achieve even more, like reviews, playlist adds, meetings etc.

In 2013, Dorian created the indie music blog Indefalgartion. In 2015, he established Studio Flagarant. Studio Flagarant experienced great success and welcomed more than 35 artists to live acoustic sessions. Among the artists who came to the studio were: Asgeir, Pete Yorn, Patrick Watson, and Johnny Borrell. Moreover, Studio Flagarant organized shows in Paris which hosted names like Ryley Walker, Plants and Animals, and Cloud Castle Lake. 

In 2018, Dorian became the co-founder of Groover. The purpose of the company is to close the gap between musicians and music influencers. Groover secures musicians are listened to and music influencers don't get overwhelmed by hundreds of request every day.

Jesper Skibsby

Jesper is the CEO and founder of WARM and part of the board in MusicDNA. Previously, Jesper has represented MusicDNA in Scandinavia. From 2016-2019 he was part of the board in DUP (association for independent record labels in Denmark).

Jesper has worked in the music industry for 6 years - establishing indie companies like Fandango Music, We Make Noise and Kassiopeia Kollektive.

What is WARM?

WARM is the first large-scale airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of giving transparency to music entrepreneurs. By using the WARM platform and app, independent musicians, songwriters and producers can monitor in real-time any song that is played on radio stations worldwide. Currently, we are monitoring more than 30,000 radio stations in more than 130 countries. This is by far the biggest and widest radio monitoring service on the market.

Do you know if your music is being played right now? WARM knows!


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