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Groover: How to promote your music with success

Thanks to the Groover web platform, artists looking to promote their music can connect with the best blogs, radios, and music professionals looking for emerging talent. On Groover, artists send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radios, playlisters, record labels of their choice, receive guaranteed response and the possibility of gaining coverage, meeting with music professionals and getting insightful feedback. WARM approves!

Our best tips to optimize your experience on Groover

How does Groover work?

Artists send music

The artist sends his/her song to a selection of blogs, radios, and labels of his/her choice for €2 to €4 by contact. It is also possible to send a song that hasn't been released yet.

Blogs, radios, record labels, and music professionals listen to the song.

They have 1 week  to respond to your song with written feedback and decide if they want to share your song - article, playlist add, radio play - or to get in touch with you. The feedback is private and only the influencer who wrote it and the artist in question have access to it.

Promotion and discovery are facilitated

The blogs, radios & record labels rediscover the excitement of discovering new music, empty up their email inboxes are eager and get paid for their music discovery activity while keeping their complete editorial independence. Get your music discovered with guaranteed feedback!

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A curated selection of blogs, radio stations, record labels and more!

More than 1,100+ blogs, record labels, radio stations, playlisters etc. are already active on the platform, carefully selected by the Groover team: Tsugi Radio, Rolling Stone France, Blanco y Negro, Radio NEO, Electro Posé, Rapunchline, Lisbon Lux Records and many more. So far, Groover has helpd generate 180,000+ shares including at least 200+ signatures with labels, publishers and touring companies. Discover them here.

Get in touch with the most influential players in the music industry: magazines, radios, blogs, playlists, Youtube channels, record labels, publishers, bookers, managers and mentors - and share your music successfully to expand your reach in France, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Brazil, the UK, Germany, the US and more!

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Our #1 Tips to make the most of Groover

  • Write the perfect pitch for your song
  • Specify what you are looking for, don't leave your contacts in the dark
  • Adapt your pitch according to the chosen contacts
  • Be concise and informative
  • Fill out your profile as much as possible: your hot news, links to your social media accounts, etc.
  • You can submit a song that hasn't been released yet with:
  • An unlisted Youtube link - don’t forget to check out that your video is embeddable.
  • A private Soundcloud link - be sure to use a shareable link with a short code called 'token' at the end, obtained by clicking "Share" under the Soundcloud player.
  • Take your time to choose the right blogs, radios, labels according to your style of music and what you are looking for to promote your musical project. It will help optimise your results
  • Use discount code: "WARMGROOVER" to get 20% discount on your next Groover campaign (more info on how to apply it here)

And there you go! All you have to do is register here and kick off your first campaign.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us using the orange chat window at the bottom of your screen on!


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