How to make the most of WARM

How to make the most of WARM

From record labels to managers, from radio promoters to artists, all kinds of music industry players value WARM’s accurate radio airplay data. May it be to maximise the profitability of their releases, identify new markets for their artists, monetise their business, or take control of their career, each persona has their own reason to sign up to WARM but doesn’t always know of the platform’s full potential. So let’s take a quick look at the different kinds of benefits you can unlock with WARM.

Unlock opportunities with WARM's radio airplay data: 1) Identify promising markets 2) Optimise promotion and marketing strategies 3) Plan gigs and tours 4) Monitor radio promotion 5) Benchmark the radio presence of competitors 6) Approach CMOs to collect royalties

Monitor your artists' airplay.

Optimise PR and marketing strategies 

Radio is still the channel with the biggest reach worldwide, so knowing where and when a song is being played on air is key.


Monitoring songs geographically helps validate the impact of your radio promotion campaign as well as identify promising markets.

When a song's picked up on the radio in a specific region, connect with radio stations which supported your artist's music, and use your connections to make sure your artist gets more exposure (airplay & interviews).


Knowing the exact time and timeframe of the airplay helps determine the best moment to move forward with your action plan.

When a song goes viral on the radio at a certain moment, thanks to WARM you are aware of the trend in real-time, use the momentum to implement localised campaigns where your artist is trending.

Learn from other successful players of the industry

Why not learn from others too? Indeed, just like in any industry, you need to be aware of what your peers are up to. Are you a record label or a manager who wants to help an artist break overseas? Research similar artists and start monitoring their radio performance with WARM. Not only will you get insights into which territories are keen to engage with a specific type of music, but you will also discover which radio stations to pitch songs to, which venues to approach, and/or artists to collaborate with to enter a specific market.

Media are calling your artist the next Adele? Monitor Adele's airplay to better understand where to find opportunities for your artist. Pitch your artist to venues and radios which are most likely to support their music.

Plan gigs and tours

Our data doesn’t just tell you in which country a song was played, it reveals exactly which radio station played it; so make the most of it to locate an artist’s audience and plan gigs and tours.

Identify where an artist is getting serious airplay, follow their radio plays to locate their fanbase, and plan gigs, events, and sell out tours.

Don’t miss out on royalties

All artists look forward to their first radio play - it’s a milestone in their career - but not all are necessarily aware of when it takes place. More importantly, down the line, radio airplay will become a source of revenue in the form of royalties, so they need to get ahold of radio airplay data as soon as possible! However, it is common to be focused on a certain market and not (be able to) follow how an artist’s music is performing on radio stations abroad.

Find out where an artist is getting radio airplay. Use WARM reports to approach local CMOs, to claim and collect the royalties owed to your artists.

All these elements are just some examples of opportunities you can unravel by using our platform’s data. But let’s face it, you have probably already thought of your own ideas while reading the article - the potential of radio airplay data is limitless, so make the most of it!

Monitor Your Artists' Airplay