James Marsh, Head of Specialist Radio & Club Promotions at Listen Up

"WARM couldn’t be easier to use." - Listen Up

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of our loyal customers, James Marsh, the Head of Specialist Radio & Club Promotions at Listen Up. As a promoter, James utilises WARM's data in a particular way. He shared with us interesting insights about his company, how they operate, and how they have incorporated WARM's monitoring system into their daily tasks.

About Listen Up

Listen Up is a bespoke 360 promotional service which offers radio, club, streaming promotion, and press campaigns globally. The company creates campaigns tailored to each individual client’s need - whether building a track through key radio tastemakers, developing an artist towards a playlist push, or establishing promotional radio partnerships for festivals.

They work with artists from various musical backgrounds, including renowned Dance, House and Electronic DJs/producers such as Franky Wah, Purple Disco Machine, MK, Eric Prydz, Kolsch, Disciples & Mark Knight.

Kölsch - Mark Knight - Franky Wah
From left to right: Kölsch, Mark Knight, Franky Wah

How They Use WARM

James Marsh, the Head of Specialist Radio & Club Promotions at Listen Up
James Marsh

As a promotional company, Listen Up’s goal is to get their clients’ songs heard by the most people - and right people - around the world. So the fact that WARM monitors radio stations worldwide is a valuable asset for them. As James shares: "this means we are able to pitch records internationally and have accurate information regarding airplay - we are then able to go back to key supporters of records for further radio opportunities"

When asking further questions about how Listen Up operates, James explained that they utilise the data provided by WARM for decision-making. "We often come onboard with records that are flying in the UK in terms of radio but are yet to connect on a European or Global level." By analysing a song’s UK airplay, they get a better understanding of a song’s potential and how to push it abroad. Once determined, they can send the release out to their international contacts and use WARM’s monitoring system to pinpoint precisely where they’re getting increased support. Their client can then use this data to bring in local teams in those specific areas to push for national radio conversations in say, Germany, which can help take the record to the next level.

"I would absolutely recommend WARM to other promotion companies. As a company we’ve used several other radio tracking systems as a mean to ease our workload to give us more time pitching records, and many of those systems actually increased our workload through lengthy uploading processes and tracking errors. WARM couldn’t be easier to use which has given us more time to do what we do." - James Marsh, Head of Specialist Radio & Club Promotions at Listen Up

Listen Up + WARM = New opportunities for music creators and tastemakers globally.

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"WARM offers clean & reliable data." - Alexandre Perrin, Professor in Music Business at Berklee College of Music.

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