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"How to break as an artist in South Africa." - Daniel Baron

WARM Talks is our virtual conversation series with diverse people from the music industry.

Thursday the 30th of April we were joined by some interesting figures of the South African music industry. They discussed how to break into the South African market. The host was WARM’s representative in South Africa, Pieter Cloete. He was accompanied by the the guests Wian Smith, award-winning marketeer, and Daniel Baron, one of South Africa's greatest pop stars!

You can access all their tips, tricks and market insights by watching the WARM Talk below.

The Participants of the Week

This week's host was Pieter Cloete. Pieter is an award winning radio host and compiler of one of South Africa's biggest Afrikaans music charts. He is also a keen supporter of digital music streaming services. And, he believes in the power of radio when it comes to marketing music. Furthermore, Pieter is also a WARM Music representative in South Africa and knows the importance of knowing where and when songs play on air.

This week, we had two guests. The one of them is Daniel Baron, who is a South African platinum selling, award-winning and chart-topping singer, songwriter, producer with an astounding sixteen radio chart hits and five number-one’s to his name! In 2016 People Magazine named him “One of South Africa’s greatest pop stars”. Learn more about Daniel here.

Our second guest was Wian Smith. Wian is a B.Comm Marketing Management graduate from the University of Johannesburg and award winning Marketeer. Since 2008 Wian has worked in the Marketing & Media industry.  He has fulfilled various roles in professional structures. During this time he took responsibility for some of South Africa’s biggest artists and was involved in a lot of successful projects and events throughout the entertainment & corporate industries.

What is WARM?

WARM is the first large-scale airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of giving transparency to music entrepreneurs. Using the WARM platform and app, independent musicians, songwriters, and producers can monitor in real-time any song that is played on radio stations worldwide. Currently, we are monitoring more than 29,000 radio stations in more than 167 countries. This is by far the biggest and widest radio monitoring service on the market.


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