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Have you heard about our WARM stories yet? Earlier this year we introduced a very special space for us, we called it WARM Story. A section especially created to recognise our customers' work as well as to share their experience and journey within the music industry. Meet Ten Katestraat, Mo-Nitta, Fanny Hulard, and Matt Allen. Our first ever featured customers during 2020!

Ten Katestraat: Indie singer and songwriter from the UK.

WARM Story features English singer and songwriter Ten Katestraat
Ten Katestraat

A self-described Brexit refugee and former busker, Stephen Howard is known as Ten Katestraat and started to play his heartfelt political songs at the Amsterdam Songwriters’ Guild Cafe de Koe Open Mic in 2017. A product of these tumultuous times, his work is influenced by Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, Jacques Brel, Sonic Youth, Johnny Marr & Radiohead.

More than a year ago, Ten Katestraat tried WARM for the very first time. We’ve been able to help him monitor the lifecycle of single releases and track their reach within a worldwide radio market. In fact, he compares our work to the services that an experienced record label provides.

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Mo-Nitta: Hip-hop artist from Southern Africa.

WARM features Monitta, hip-hop artist and music entrepreneur

Music entrepreneur and artist. Inspired by his passion for music, Mo-Nitta is the stage name of Letlotlo Elliot Ntso, a Hip-hop artist based in his hometown of Maseru City, Lesotho. Not only does he create his own music, but his dedication to building a career in the industry has led him to open an agency named Mo-Nitta International aiming to provide label services to other artists.

Mo-Nitta started using WARM in September 2018. He uses our reports to learn about the actual radio airplay of his music and discovers his data in real-time which helps him to keep track of new markets. But Mo-Nitta’s favorite feature is the Promotion section, he expressed his appreciation of this feature because other companies that offer radio monitoring services don’t provide this type of information like we do at WARM.

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Fanny Hulard: from Europe to the US, musician, and independent publicist.

Fanny Hulard and her band "Yard Of Blondes"

A life full of music, from her very early 5 years old in France to being part of her own band called Yard Of Blondes in the US. Fanny Hulard is an advocate of music and is taking it over.

Fanny Hulard is an independent publicist, music career development coach and strategist, multi-talented artist, and creative. She holds a long and successful musical career, from renowned musician to Grammy member music professional. Fanny is also an author, blogger, video director, writer, and educator. As said before, she is taking over the music world.

"We used WARM for all our releases and used it again to prove to the US immigration that we were “extraordinary” musicians, as they call it, for our Green Card applications as well."

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Matt Allen: Music & Media. Co-founder of music agency "The Famous company".

WARM features Matt Allen from "The Famous company"
Matt Allen

"My name is Matt Allen, I am the co-founder of The Famous Company, a globally recognised, boutique, music services agency. Since first launching in 2010, we’ve built a team of award-winning industry professionals who offer a range of high-end services for labels, managers, and artists across the globe."

Over the past years, Matt Allen together with his team at The Famous company have used a number of radio monitoring tools. After seeing the distribution of the budget when it comes to airplay monitoring, they wanted to find a more modern, user-friendly, and intuitive way of tracking plays in real-time. It didn’t take too much research before they found WARM back in 2018 – and since then they haven’t looked back!

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Uncovering the value of radio.

It is our pleasure to have been able to help Ten Katstraat, Mo-Nitta, Fanny Hulard, Matt Allen, and everyone who pursuits a career in music. At WARM we are entrepreneurs working for entrepreneurs and our aim is to help them achieve their goals by handing accurate and trustful airplay data. Grateful for our customers, their trust, and support, we are ready to keep uncovering the value of radio.

Every airplay counts!


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