Ten Katestraat singer songwriter

"WARM's impressive, fun, and - yes - a bit addictive!” - Ten Katestraat

Welcome to our new space! Keeping an open conversation with our customers is important to us, we want to listen to them and share their stories. So here it goes, the first edition of WARM Story! Featuring singer and songwriter Ten Katestraat.

Introducing Ten Katestraat

Ten Katestraat is the stage name of Stephen Howard, singer and songwriter. He shared with us a little bit about his journey in the music industry and yes, our WARM team is with him for the ride!

WARM (World Airplay Radio monitor) customer. Singer and songwriter, Ten Katestraat. Amsterdam based. Alternative indie guitar band concept.
“I am an English singer-songwriter living in Amsterdam, releasing tracks to radio & streaming services recorded in my tiny home studio as 'Ten Katestraat' - an alternative indie guitar band concept."

A self-described Brexit refugee and former busker, Stephen started playing his new heartfelt political songs as Ten Katestraat at the Amsterdam Songwriters' Guild Cafe de Koe Open Mic in 2017. A product of these tumultuous times, his work is influenced by Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, Jacques Brel, Sonic Youth, Johnny Marr & Radiohead.

About his most recent work

  • 2020: "Dust", a track released earlier this year; an attempt to recreate the feel of live performance.
  • 2019: “Cold Surrender Again” made it to the Top 10 in the Dutch IndieXL radio charts; “The Commander Told You” charted on IndieXL radio and was voted one of the top 30 Dutch indie singles of 2019; and “Leaving Everything Behind” completed a trilogy of Brexit-related tracks composed in a tumultuous year for UK citizens in Europe, attracting the interest of Norman B.


  • Favourite feature of WARM: Mobile access to real-time radio analytics.
  • This is how WARM is helping: To monitor the lifecycle of a single release and track its reach on a global radio market.
  • Our customers' words: “I would fully recommend WARM to my fellow indie singer-songwriters.”

We've been together for some time now

About a year ago, Ten Katestraat tried our platform for the very first time. We’ve been able to help him monitor the lifecycle of single releases and track their reach within a worldwide radio market. In fact, he compares our work to the services that an experienced record label provides.

So, what does Ten Katestraat enjoy most of WARM?
Well, he finds our accuracy and convenience quite enjoyable. Getting real-time radio analytics directly from his mobile phone is an experience he describes as “impressive, fun, and - yes - a bit addictive!”

In pursuit of democratising the music industry, at WARM we focus our efforts on providing our customers with the most accurate data regarding where, when, and how often their songs are being played on a wide range of radio stations around the world. As if that is not enough, to make things even easier and more convenient we’ve developed a dashboard accessible from any device that allows you to monitor your songs in real-time, providing you with the latest data to help you discover new fans, direct your marketing campaigns to new target audiences, and accelerate your royalty collection.

“I would fully recommend WARM to my fellow indie singer-songwriters, particularly now that you have [new] pricing for song bundles!” - Ten Katestraat

We've got new pricing plans!

That's right! We listened to our customers and worked on new pricing bundles that suit their needs better. Our work is intended to benefit each individual who is giving their best to grow a business in music, regardless of their track-record and music genre: that’s what moves our work!

With our new bundle offers, it is now possible to upload 5 - 10 songs saving up to 60%. Isn't it great? If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at support@warmmusic.net where one of our ninjas will be happy to help you.

Learn more about Ten Katestraat

Website: https://tenkatestraat.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: @TenKatestraatTheBand
Twitter: @tenkatestraat
Songwhip: @ten-katestraat


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