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June 22nd 2020 - Amy Johnson

It is a tough world out there for independent artists. With the massive rise in home studios and bedroom producers, it seems that almost everybody is creating and releasing music these days. For new or independent artists, there is no rule book or guide for what to do (or what not to do). This creates a lack of guidance, leading to lack of promotion, failure to reach the masses, and barely any opportunities for their incredible music. This is where Music Gateway comes in to iron out the creases in the process, and provide somewhere to do everything in one place, from music creation to pre and post-release promotion.

What Is Music Gateway?

With the motto of‘Empowering Creatives’, CEO Jon Skinner’s main drive is to provideopportunities for independent artists and level the playing field in favour ofthose without representation. Music Gateway provides an all-in-one platformwhich offers various services and tools and to help creatives collaborate andmarket themselves as well as their music in the best way possible. It is also aplace to manage your music, find opportunities and ultimately earn revenue.

The journey beginswith the ability to post projects to find, for example, a producer for yourtrack. Once you have a track that is polished and ready for release, you canmake use of Music Gateway’s Sync opportunities and/or representation. Throughworking closely with supervisors and filmmakers, they provide opportunities foryou to get your music into TV shows and films on Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime andmore. If you’re looking for a little more direct promotion, that’s alsoavailable through Music Gateway’s Artist Services. They help artists with musicpromotion and artist development by working together towards the artist’sgoals. They guide and help them to organically grow their career, amplify theirstreaming presence and solidify their brand as an artist.

Services And Tools

With quite a few services on offer, let’sbreak it down to avoid confusion. Here are the various areas of Music Gateway,what they involve, and some links for you to read more yourself:

Music Collaboration

Seeing it as one of the most important aspects of the music industry, Music Gateway supports and encourages collaboration. This is particularly helpful during the current Coronavirus pandemic,as their platform hosts an online marketplace where you can find music jobs and collaborate with producers and other artists or musicians on a global scale. Artists can share files and work on projects with others to stay productive during the current lockdown, as well as find people to team up with for future projects.


A great source of income for artists, MusicGateway offers both exclusive and non-exclusive sync licensing opportunities. Working withmultiple supervisors globally, previous successes include syncs in shows suchas The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and Made In Chelsea. Artists can upload theirtracks to their online Sync portal for sync representation or submit tracksmanually for various sync and A&R opportunities. To check out some of theirmost recent placements and hear more about how it works, head to the Music Gateway success page.


The MusicPromotion part of the process is all about helping artists reachtheir goals by amplifying their music and making sure that it reaches those whowill love it. The Music Gateway team works on elements of artists’ brandingsuch as logos, press kits and websites. They also deliver campaigns tocurators, influencers, digital platforms and radio stations around the world.The roster is open to artists and bands at varying levels from a variety ofgenres. Roster alumni include UK urban rap legend Sway Dasafo, Melody Thorntonfrom the Pussycat Dolls and The Sugababes’ Mutya Buena.


Music Gateway also has a dedicated music blogpacked with helpful industry articles to guide independent artists on everythingfrom recording to promoting their music.

Alongside this, their blog publishes:

  • How-To articles
  • Reviews of music equipment,music apps etc
  • Music reviews (you can applyto have your music reviewed for free)
  • Updated on their roster
  • Music industry opportunities
  • Updates to their services ornew features
  • General music news to keepartists in the loop at all times.

The blog is an all-round helpful resource foreverything industry-related, so we would definitely recommend checking it out.You don’t need an account to access the blog!

SubmittingFor Opportunities

Aside from submitting their music to Sync andA&R projects, as well as collaborating with others, there are a couple ofother tools that allow users to submit music for opportunities. There is a demo submission tool which allows artists tosend demos directly to record labels, music publishers, artist managers, liveagents and more. Members can also submitto Music Gateway’s live performance TV show ‘RISING’, their Spotify playlists,RISING Radio, the Music Gateway YouTube channel and more. Finally, there aremusic industry job opportunities posted every day on their jobs board. So, itis safe to say there are quite a few opportunities available!

Storage& Professional Playlist Tool

Last but not least, included in each accountis a decent amount of storage, for which the tools have been built especiallyfor creatives. Alongside this is a playlist tool that allows you to send yourmusic to clients and tastemakers in a professional way.

Music Gateway: Pricing

All of these features sound great - but howmuch does it cost? It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room… pricing.

Let’s open by talking about the free trialoffer. This lasts for 14 days, and allows you to try out most of the featuresfor yourself. It’s recommended to try this out to get a feel for the platformto give you the opportunity to make sure it is right for you before spendingyour hard-earned cash.

So, now let’s get into the pricing structure.

Essentially, there are 3 tiers. Ranging fromlow to high tier, there are:

  • Adventurer (£5 per month)
  • Influencer (£15 per month)
  • Game Changer (£25 per month)

(Artist services are separate, with pricing basedon individual needs and goals.)

The main difference between these tiers is access to certain features. The GameChanger tier, for example, offers unlimited song feedback, prioritysubmissions, 20% discount on artist services and more. So, understandably thisis the more expensive tier that equals more access. At the other end of thescale, an Adventurer account doesn’t offer any feedback or discounts and haslimited access to certain opportunities. However, it does come with a prettylow price point that still gets you all the tools and access to the globalcollaboration marketplace if that’s all you’re looking for.

Another difference between the tiers is the amount of storage you receive.Adventurer accounts come with 500MB of storage, Influencer has 15GB, and GameChanger offers a whopping 100GB.

Is Music Gateway Worth It?

So, is Music Gateway any good? Is it worth it? I would say… absolutely!

There aren’t many platforms that offer thesheer range of products and services that Music Gateway does. Being able tohave all of your tracks and potential projects in one place whilstsimultaneously receiving promotion is ideal, and rare in the industry.Price-wise, you are definitely getting your money’s worth for the range oftools (even at the Game Changer level), plus their services and benefits areconstantly being improved on and added to. Music Gateway reviews seem positive,and their testimonials and case studies on their website show the incrediblegrowth of some of their Music Promotions roster.

If you have the money to spend, I would recommend going for the Game Changeraccount to really make the most of all of the tools that Music Gateway has tooffer. However, if you don’t want to jump in with both feet or have a littleless cash, perhaps the Influencer tier is better for you. The adventurer tierwill get you some access for very little money, but you end up missing out onbeing able to apply for most opportunities which makes this tier only reallyuseful if you just want to use the tools and collaborate.

 However, as mentioned above, there is a 14-day free trial. So, why not try that out first, as there really is nothing to lose!

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